The Misfit Project


Hello hello! It’s nice to meet you! We are The Misfit Project, a creativity and empowerment organisation founded by young people for young people. We are mentors, leaders, and fun creatives with heart. The Misfit Project is an inclusive, safe, creative community for those who have not felt like they have had somewhere to belong.

We empower young people through mentoring; where we identify goals and help them succeed in achieving them. We also facilitate multiple programs like Dungeons & Dragons’, Writers, Theatre, and many more. These programs nurture social connections, help with life skills, and give young people a voice and a place to belong.

We do this because everyone deserves a place to belong. We do this because we love seeing young people find themselves, grow, and win life! Providing young people with the opportunity to express themselves through creativity, to find social connections they were missing, and creating safe spaces nourishes our souls.


We at The Misfit Project offer a range of services to help encourage building connections within the community as well as building on skills that can be utilized in every day living, on top of group based activities we also have a wide variety of staff who are always available and happy to offer one on one mentoring to help build and develop on skills from day to day living, to getting a foot in the workplace and finding a place to fit in with this world!

The April holidays have come to an end and we’re back on our regular schedule, be sure to sign up for our programs via the sign up button below and stay informed of what’s to come in the following year!

Be sure to check out our social media platforms for future updates to stay informed on what’s to come!You can also E-Mail us with any enquiries at!


We appreciate your patience, we are working towards having a website that is uniquely ‘MISFIT’ and are very excited to unveil it when it’s finished! make sure to watch this space!