The MISFIT Project believes in providing quality, consistent, goal-orientated support for youth. We believe this is a key element in empowering young people. 

We provide a variety of support to young people of all different ages and backgrounds. The MISFIT Project staff act as leaders and mentors to all of our participants and are focused on building people up to develop skills and supporting them to achieve their goals. 

We aim to achieve these outcomes through our programs and camps. These provide our participants with examples of good leadership as well as the benefits of building peer relationships and a strong support system with all the members in our group based environments.

We are an organisation that exists to empower and engage a wide variety of young people, and as such, this can mean at times there are additional supports needed. This is where our mentoring and support programs come in.  

We are an organisation with a focus on creating an environment where everyone feels safe, involved, connected and heard. This approach values looking past the idea of ‘a diagnosis’, and instead strives to focus on the person rather than on an outdated  stereotype.

A lot of our support and mentoring is done using individual’s NDIS* packages. It’s important to note we are not a disability or mental health organisation – we are an inclusive youth organisation – open to all young people. The aim of our mentoring and support programs is to enable equal and fair access and opportunity for all. 

We are an organisation for everybody; for everyone has endless possibilities. 


*Please Note – The MISFIT Project is not a current NDIS Registered provider. We are therefore unable to provide support for those who have NDIA-Managed Core Support funding. Those who have Self-Managed or Plan-Managed Core Support budgets or who have Mentoring specifically built into their plans Capacity Building budget, we are able to provide support for.