We run workshops for all ages and abilities. We run these in-house and we can be hired to run them for organisations and schools.

Primarily our programs are for high school aged students, however our program can be easily tailored to suit a primary school age group. In addition, we can tailor the program to address specific issues e.g. bullying, friendships, family, difference and disability

All our workshops are focused on developing young peoples potential and sharing their passions – this video, Speak Up, Speak out features our workshops and shares the voices of young people in the Shire of Yarra Ranges.


  • Improv and Theatre Games
    A fun and silly afternoon of games that are about communication and interaction and confidence building
  • Musical Theatre
    Work on a musical piece – learn some dance moves, have a sing and learn how to move, sing and dance as a character.
  • Creative Writing
    A fun creative look at writing and storytelling and how much fun it can be.
  • Difference Workshop
    A half -day workshop exploring difference designed to create a sense of understanding and acceptance of people with all skills and abilities
  • Confidence Workshop
    A half-day workshop -empowering young people to value themselves and those around them.
  • The Amazing MISFIT Challenge
    A series of challenges and tasks that encourage creative thinking, teamwork and fun
  • Mental health Workshops
    A half day workshop, getting the conversation around mental health started in a safe, creative environment.
  • Bullying Workshops
    A half day workshop, exploring bullying and what we can do to help stop it.
  • Theatre Workshops
    Want to explore a specific theatrical element? Let us know and we can create a workshop for you.
  • 24 hour Theatre Programs
    We also are available to be booked for 24 hour theatre workshops – where over the course of 24 hours you create a theatrical piece exploring a specific theme. These are great to build up a team or to talk about a specific theme or issue. It can be done 3 ways – as 24 hours straight – as 2 day blocks of 12 or over a weekend retreat, broken up with other workshops and team-building activities.