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Ever wondered what it might look like if you locked a bunch of theatre-crazed young people in a building for 24 hours, and then put them on a stage in front of an audience? Why not come and find out?
The MISFIT Project has gone totally crazy giving youth total freedom in creating their own show – So whether you are an old hand or new to the game we’ll just explain the aim. You have one team, one goal and 24 hours to achieve it. That goal is to write, direct, rehearse, produce and perform a play based off one word or theme. Acting isn’t your thing? Don’t worry, you can dominate tech, try your hand at make-up, directing, writing or something else entirely; after all you are with a bunch of MISFITS. Any and everyone is welcome.

Stay tuned on our SOCIAL MEDIA for the next 24 Hour Theatre!

Open to ages 15-26