If I was looking out for scavenger hunt clues, I would make sure to look out for green writing like this

How many colourful program bricks are on the home page?

Alright MISFITs! 

For the next six weeks, we’re in stage 3 lockdown. But don’t think, even for a second, that that means we’re gone! 

Welcome to MISFIT vs LOCKDOWN, the daily activity challenge that will get up through start to finish of these six weeks. 

Join in with as many activities as possible and share your adventures with the hashtag #misfitvslockdown

Some more exciting projects are programs will be released over the next few days so keep an eye out for what we’ve got planned!

We can’t wait to see what you lot all get up to! Stay safe, stay creative, stay hopeful. 

And remember, we are always here. We’ll see you all on the otherside.