CAMP INSPIRE (8-12yrs) -11th -13th Jan

A place to discover new friends, explore your creativity through theatre, art, creative writing, stories, music and play. $175

CAMP EMPOWER (12-16yrs) – 18th-20th Jan

To build a sense of confidence and self, and empower young people with creative ways to express themselves. $175

CAMP UPROAR (14-18yrs) – 4th-8th Jan

A leadership camp with a difference. Camp Uproar is focused on using performance skills, personal development exercises and providing a platform for the voices and passions of young people to make a difference. $300

CAMP MISFIT (18+yrs) – 21st-23rd Jan

Explore your creativity, your passions, your identity, and self worth over a few days focusing on self development and empowerment.  $200

Our camps are located at Casa Pallotti, in Millgrove in the Yarra Valley, and is well supported and attended by the local community. Our camps are staffed by a team of youth workers with years of experience in camp facilitation, the performing arts and youth engagement. Many of our team have a background working with young people of all abilities and we will do our best to make sure our program is inclusive and accessible to all.


Games Day (12+yrs & 18+yrs) – 9th Jan 1-5pm  -$30

Come down and join in a variety of board games, card games and much more. A great opportunity to play some games with friends and create new connections. Separate groups for young people aged 12+ and 18+. Located at Casa Pallotti, Millgrove.

Gumbuya World (8+yrs) – 10th Jan 10-6pm – $60 – FULL

With rides, waterslides, go-karts, wave pools and much more, this is an awesome summer day out for young people aged 8+. Transport provided, pick-ups in Millgrove and Lilydale.

24 hour film (16+yrs) –  14-15th Jan  $60

Time to get creative and produce a short film in the space of 24 hours. From coming up with ideas, to writing scripts, filming and editing, this is an awesome opportunity for aspiring filmmakers to come together and make something amazing in a short period of time. Located at Casa Pallotti, Millgrove.

Musical Theatre (12+yrs) – 16th Jan 11-4pm $30

Calling all singers, dancers and actors! Our musical theatre day is a great chance for young people to dance and sing and practice their performance skills with peers in a fun and encouraging environment. Located at Casa Pallotti, Millgrove. 

Dungeons and Dragons (Various) – 17th Jan 10-4pm $30 – FULL

Join in and play the world’s favourite role-playing game, Dungeons and Dragons at our D&D one shot day. Create your own adventurer and depart on noble quests, fight terrifying monsters and play with your friends in a fun and exciting campaign with different groups for a variety of ages. Located at Casa Pallotti, Millgrove.

Art Day (8-16yrs) – 24th Jan 1-4pm $20

A visual art day for creative young people aged 8-16 who want to explore their passion for drawing, painting and other forms of art. Located at Casa Pallotti, Millgrove.

Beach Day (10+yrs) – 25th Jan 10-6pm $30

The perfect way to end our MISFIT Summer 2022 with a trip to the beach. Hang out with your friends in the sun and the sand and enjoy Australia’s favourite summer pastime by getting down to the sea. Transport provided, pick-ups in Millgrove and Lilydale.

*further details of times and drop-off/pick-up locations will be provided closer to the date of activities