Camp Uproar is a place to discover new friends, explore your creativity though theatre, art, creative writing, music and play.

A leadership camp with a difference. Camp Uproar is focused on using performance skills, personal development exercises and the voices and passions of young people to make a difference.

The end product of this camp is a performance to the general community, giving young people a platform and a voice to create an uproar about the things they are passionate about.

At Camp Uproar we focus on building a sense of confidence and self and empower the young people with creative ways to express themselves. Its about supporting them to find their voice. 

Our camp is located in Millgrove, in the Yarra Valley, and is well supported and attended by the local community.  Our camps are staffed by a team of youth workers with years of experience in camp facilitation, the performing arts and youth engagement. Many of our team have a background working with young people of all abilities and we will do our best to make sure our program is inclusive and accessible to all*.

During the winter school holidays, Camp Uproar does not include a showcase and runs for 3 days.

The Summer Camp Cost is $300 for the week

The Winter Camp Cost is $175 for the 3 days

*If you are an NDIS Participant please talk to us as if there are additional support needs and we will assess if we can support them within the camp environment, as we are a not a disability organisation. We will do our best to accommodate and will charge for additional support needs accordingly