The Misfit Project (TMP) is all about creating opportunities for youth development and empowerment, by giving young people a voice and a place to belong. The Misfit Project:
  •  Engages young people 
  • Gets the conversation started 
  • Gives young people a voice
The Misfit Project is all about young people providing support to young people, exploring issues, breaking barriers and developing stronger community engagement. Our peer to peer based program provides the tools, programs and opportunities to change the way youth approach, talk about, and deal with issues. The Misfit Project removes the traditional barriers and empowers young people to grow together, tackling shared concerns, experiences and challenges in a structured and supportive way. Issues such as; drugs, alcohol, depression, anxiety, relationships, bullying, sex, being different and belonging, are able to be talked about through guided conversations and activities with peers, as an alternative to “adult/expert” methods. The Misfit Project helps young people explore issues and how youth can support each other.